Info Guide when trekking moutain gorillas in Nkirungo Sector of Bwindi Forest

With over 400 something mountain gorillas inhabiting the impassable forests of Bwindi, Uganda is a home to greater than half of the world's overall population of the mountain gorillas. The majority gorillas can be seen in the different areas of the Bwindi Impenetrable National Park which is the most popular tourism destinations in Africa. Some few live on the lower slopes of the Volcanoes in the Mgahinga National Park.

Up high in the thick and solid forests of Bwindi Impenetrable National Park lives a mountain gorilla family called Nkuringo. Nkuringo in a local Rukiga language means "a round hill" where the gorilla group was first spotted, the habituation process of Nkuringo family was fulfilled in 2004 perhaps the very same picture you would get when flying over this sector of the park.


Nkuringo is one of the 12 mountain gorilla groups within Bwindi Impenetrable forests that are undergoing habituation process, this group members used to be found in the surrounding areas within villages, this became the reason for them to be habituated. Since they used to destroy people's crops, the group had to be open to the tourists so that the villagers would directly benefit from the gorillas as they also protect them from any danger.

Originally, the group was led by the mature silverback called Nkuringo; he died in 2008, leaving back the two silverbacks he trained, Safari and Rafiki. His son Safari took over the leadership and after about seven months the Nkuringo family welcomed a set of twins from the female Kwitonda, these were named Muhozi and Katungi and they had expanded the family even further. However, due to illness Katungi died at the age of one and half years. Safari continued with the regime as he had taken all his father's leadership skills.

The family is still among the large gorilla groups in Bwindi Impenetrable National Park with 19 members including 1 dominant male and 3 silverbacks. The group is rather in good health with just a few injuries from fights with members. The nineteen (19) family members that can be seen on a Uganda Gorilla Safari today in Silverback Safari's family include the following among others, three (3) other silverbacks, Rafiki (in Swahili, the word means a friend), there is also Bahati and Kirungi, the female Kwitonda and others. This family group is available to visitors and open whenever you want a safari to the mountain forests of the Bwindi impenetrable.

Tracking the Nkuringo family takes some good energy and physic; it is probably the toughest trek in Uganda but after experiencing this lifetime and rewarding adventure, you will not complain about the toughness of the trek, because you will be yarning for more. Let's go to the African pearl, Uganda and meet the gorillas.